Salon Services

Welcome To Your New Beauty Home

This will be where you will feel just like you would at home. You will be surrounded by people you love and who will want to take the best care of you possible. 

We are here to serve your beauty needs, no matter what they may be. 

Come over, smile and relax because you’ve just found the place you can trust. 

After the first few visits, you won’t even be looking at what is being done to you anymore. You will simply be addicted to the final result.

Word of warning: After your visits to Vivi Salon, you may not be able to take your eyes off the mirror!

Haircuts, Hair Colour & more

The integrity of your hair is of the utmost importance to our team of professionals. We customize each individual hair treatment to address whatever issues you may be experiencing with your hair. We know that, by allowing us to work on your hair, you’re giving us your biggest vote of confidence. After all, your hairstyle is an important part of the expression of your own identity! We have an answer for whatever needs you may have, from over-processed locks to scalp dryness and thinning hair. You can rest assured that whether you're looking for a haircuts, hair colour or hair extensions, just sit back and relax while we work our magic.

Nail Care & Nail Art

We understand how important it is to always look as good as possible. Your nails game must be on point for that to happen. Not only will our nail specialist take amazing care of you, she will also always do her best to be available when you have an emergency fix and you need her. From acrylic nails to sns nails or just a soothing manicure or pedicure Vivi Salon is committed to being the best nail shop in town. Remember, she’s one of your new best friends. You can even treat yourself to a luxurious manicure while processing with color, or being styled. Our team is always in sync so that your time at the salon is personalized and optimized fully.

Beauty Services

You cannot trust your beauty to better capable hands. In Vivi Salon’s culture, there isn’t even a chance of you walking out unhappy with how you look and feel. In fact,we want everyday you visit us to be one of the best days of your month. It will be the day you will feel the most beautiful and confident. That's the Vivi effect.

Eyelashes extension

The power behind the right pair of eyelashes is often underestimated. But it can be the difference between feeling yourself more than ever before, to being embarrassed to simply going out tonight. We understand how important it is - we always pick the right choice for you. You will leave our salon with the eyelashes that are best suited for your beautiful and unique facial features.

Men's Haircuts

Everyone loves to feel great about how they look. Men are no different. We understand what matters to you when picking your salon. Our artists will not let you down. They will go above and beyond to make sure they understand the look you’re going for, and you can be positive they will deliver precisely what you want. You will feel so good, you’ll want it all for yourself. Please don’t hide us from your friends, they deserve to look amazing as well!

Kids haircuts

We absolutely love kids! Bring them over even if it’s just for company. When they need a cut, don’t worry. Our professionals know exactly how to deal with children and how to give them a haircut that will leave both them and their parents satisfied! Forget about having to convince your child to get a haircut - it will be their pleasure from now on!